Sunday, April 17, 2016

Plans for a Refocused ‘Super Freek’ and an Atompunk Blog

I originally intended The Super Freek as a blog that discusses or conveys the importance of pop culture history, particularly that of the 1960s through ‘70s. However, for the last three months the blog has been going, I've opened it to other topics. But my main area of expertise is science fiction and fantasy in books, TV and movies. As I mention in Super Freek’s About page, I already have a blog that covers the first of these three medias. Atompunk, a fairly new subgenre of science fiction, is at least partly influenced by the above mentioned decades. But its influences’ time periods really range from the late 1940s to the early ‘90s (which was the end of the Cold War marked by the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the breakdown of the Soviet Union). Because atompunk is so new, very little info about it can be found on the internet regardless of its form of storytelling such as books and film. Therefore I'm going to refocus The Super Freek on late 1960s and '70s cult movies and TV and will start a new, separate blog dedicated to all things atompunk.

Two precise reasons I'm making these changes are: 1) more focused blogs are easier for readers to follow and so bring more user traffic; 2) I want to help popularise atompunk and bring it to a level that steampunk has come to in the past ten years.

The Super Freek will be remade to focus on the topic of popular movies and TV of the late 1960s and 1970s. It will mostly emphasise TV and movies that fall within the science fiction and fantasy genres of those two decades, but I'm a person who likes to learn about a variety of topics and issues within pop culture. So, every now and then, the blog will include content about subjects that the two eras’ films and television programming have influenced such as comic books and music. Specific examples are the Gold Key comic adaptations of the original Star Trek TV series and 1970s disco group Mecco’s Star Wars theme songs. 

The new atompunk blog will feature everything atompunk, including some of the things The Super Freek will feature since a lot of the subgenre is directly inspired by movies and television of a time span that overlaps with the '60s and '70s. So don't be surprised to see posts here that will feature links to articles on the atompunk blog (which I haven't got a name for yet). Like steampunk, atompunk is that genre of sci fi that is made up of nostalgia and alternative history. Therefore it is history reimagined. It is driven by a passionate interest in a past time period’s culture. So the blog will also feature articles about the Cold War decades’ fictional entertainment that inspired atompunk. 

I'm going to need some time to rethink the focus of The Super Freek and to plan and create the atompunk blog. Because of that, Super Freek may have to go on a short hiatus (about a month or so). So if you don't see any posts here in the next few weeks, don't be alarmed; I'm still on the planet and in existence. If you want to keep in touch, however, feel free to comment in the box below anytime; I'll check in periodically. You can also subscribe for updates towards the top of the right hand column. 

Until the new Super Freek . . .

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